The home of Peasy Pods frozen weaning cubes

Frozen organic

fruit and veg cubes

Ideal on their own for stage 1 weaning and perfect for a stealthy stir-in boost in everyday dishes for older babies and beyond.

“Weaning is fun!”

the health visitor said.

Since when?!

I really wanted to provide my kids with homemade food, full of flavour and nutrients, at every meal. But, like so many new parents,  I actually found all the peeling, chopping, blending, portioning and washing up so time consuming it left little time for the fun stuff…or those special occasions like showering alone!


I bought pouches to save time, but didn’t understand how they could stay ‘fresh’ without being in a fridge or freezer. I always had food waste left over and I had to throw away packaging with every meal.

So, after 20 years in the food industry, I thought

“stuff this for a game of soldiers, I’m going to do it myself.”

I’m not an excellent cook, so I’ve worked with lots of experts, including Harley Street dietitians, who specialise in childhood nutrition, to create these really tasty and nutritious Peasy Pods; carefully prepped, gently cooked and frozen.

That’s it! No further heating processes or additives. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Sorry, you get it.


Check out the recipes - we’ve had loads of great feedback about them.

Real food for little ones,

from one real parent to another.

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